Cheating: A RANT


No one has ever asked me what I think about love (interesting conversation topic btw… You’re welcome!) So I asked myself. And I’m superbly unhappy by the answer. Actually I’m annoyed if not infuriated by what I discovered.

I’ve been reading a lot of books these days… as part of my get-smarter plan. (You know you need to cut out the hours of television when you start forgetting how to spell) and I kept coming across these themes where the guy cheats, or falls in love with someone other than his wife. It started with some post about Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt. Then there were two other scenarios where the beau was living a double life. In one the guy proceeds to make love to some woman he was attracted to two hours after his wife died.  All through I kept wondering ÄM I THE ONLY ONE STEAMING FROM BOTH EARS WHEN I HEAR THIS???????

From what I’m seeing a man will love you for the first decade that you are together then decide he doesn’t have feelings for you anymore. And that he’s found someone else whom he delights in.

If you Google why men cheat they’ll give you a bunch of crap like he didn’t feel appreciated, he was looking for what’s missing blah blah blah and how it’s oh so hard to stop an emotional affair. So the easiest thing is to break the heart of the woman you said “I do” to. The one you wooed in college or graduate school or wherever. The one who’s had your kids and given up her life for you.  All because you’ve been stirred by the delusions you feel with a stranger.

Then there’s the sex part. He’s decided he wants sex with someone new because it will make him feel manlier. Never mind that the lady at home has bent over backward and bought a stripper pole to please him. NO. He has to taste Brazilian or French or younger.

So because I’m a rational person I ask myself. Is this natural? Is it void to try to avoid being cheated on?  Are we all just animals running after our carnal nature?

No I don’t think we are. I think somewhere there’s love that’s pure and true and loyal. I also do believe that it is harder to find. Maybe its moral decay. Maybe it’s the introduction of liposuction. I don’t know.

I just have this to say to anyone and everyone. You can do anything you want with whoever you want. It’s beautiful and fun and exciting. No one has put chains on you.  But the moment you are liable for someone else’s feelings, the moment you tell him/her that you’ll be true, treat them the fuck right. If you’re feeling ignored, say so. If you’ve lost the spark, go camping. If you want new experiences negotiate an open relationship…if you must.

I cannot go through every reason and exception but conclusively we need people who have respect for the institution and for another person. Don’t you think?


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