Let’s Be Real

Let’s talk about real life. Let's please talk about death and how it rips something from you. Rips it and never gives it back so that you are empty and broken for a long, long time. But you're not allowed to say a word. Instead, you are relegated to the corners of a support group... Continue Reading →

A Journey

There was a story of a man Who went on an important journey He started on a mountain And went round its tip But there was nothing there He went up another one, circled again But it did not speak Then he trudged further on through an endless desert That seemed to go on forever... Continue Reading →

Dreaming of New York

New York. Her escape. Her redemption. They were all set for the trip. All the pretty, comfortable and not so comfortable dresses had been packed. Shoes had been bought-including a pair of boots (finally). A new pair of sunnies was perched on top of her clothes. The eyebrows had been tweezed, hair waxed. That stubborn... Continue Reading →

My Real Graduation Speech

5.6.2014 So I've weighed my books. I have around 10 kgs of knowledge in my head :p but that's not what uni taught me. I've learnt to take a shot without flinching. I've learnt that you can still be ignorant while being learned. If you don't know what's happening in Congo or some other neighbouring... Continue Reading →


I’ve learned to miss you Before you’re even gone I’ve practised the feelings The sharp pains in my chest The dreams in my head The way my thumb will twitch in the afternoon If you were a business, I’d be rich Because it’s such a beautiful assembly line It’s better this way Because I know... Continue Reading →

Saturdays in Sydney

I like Saturdays in Sydney. I like the clear sky, the warm sun... I like how people wear denim, white dresses, sunglasses, hats and a scarf. I like the Farmer's markets and the feel of people going for roadtrips. There's this park I pass on the way to work at 8.40 in the morning... There... Continue Reading →

Things I’d tell my Daughter

Dear child In this life you will learn that love is sometimes synonymous with destruction. That strangely, your breaking down will lead to knowing yourself deeper. Not by choice. You will learn that the rebuilding will expose you to a deep, underground part of the world where poetry is spoken and hearts bleed and people... Continue Reading →


As the ambassador of Team Single, it only makes sense to test things out. This is what happened. TINDER IN NAIROBI Hello hot men! I got quite a lot of attractive matches in Nairobi including some expatriates, bi-racial men and even a celebrity! That one definitely made my day. What was funny about guys on... Continue Reading →

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