Different worlds in the glow of the stars. Tongue. And lips. And slips. And slides. And ass. In the daylight.


Saturdays in Sydney

I like Saturdays in Sydney. I like the clear sky, the warm sun... I like how people wear denim, white dresses, sunglasses, hats and a scarf. I like the Farmer's markets and the feel of people going for roadtrips. There's this park I pass on the way to work at 8.40 in the morning... There... Continue Reading →

Things I’d tell my Daughter

Dear child In this life you will learn that love is sometimes synonymous with destruction. That strangely, your breaking down will lead to knowing yourself deeper. Not by choice. You will learn that the rebuilding will expose you to a deep, underground part of the world where poetry is spoken and hearts bleed and people... Continue Reading →


As the ambassador of Team Single, it only makes sense to test things out. This is what happened. TINDER IN NAIROBI Hello hot men! I got quite a lot of attractive matches in Nairobi including some expatriates, bi-racial men and even a celebrity! That one definitely made my day. What was funny about guys on... Continue Reading →

Class in Nairobi

I like to think I’ve seen both sides of the world. Probably not the extreme ones but I’ve caught a glimpse. I went to both public and private university. I’ve done both national boarding and slightly bourgeois high schools. I have waitressed with people from those sides where you buy food for 20 bob and... Continue Reading →


He saw me and I froze. I wanted him to see the iciness in my eyes. Wanted him to feel the cold burn of hatred. I wanted him to be enveloped by the liquid blackness. To let it cover him like a blanket and drag us both down. To Getherness To fucking feel the same.

Like a Gypsy

She'd read of poetic love. Perfect matches. Twin souls. But it was like a foreign language. All she knew were starry nights, paper-thin strangers and broken hearts. But she also knew the other side of sunlight. The golden brown shards it threw on the dirt. She knew the tales of birds and of people long... Continue Reading →

Job Applications

I hate them. I absolutely despise doing them. If I could hiss at them I would. Not because I am not excited about a job but because the process of getting in gets unrealistic. I hate the whole idea of groveling on paper for a company. It’s completely against my character. It’s like being in... Continue Reading →

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